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Let’s forget marriage problems for a minute and just consider working in a factory with the only thing you have to do all day is pick out all the dead cherries or press a button when the conveyor belt gets stuck wouldn’t you be bored? read more

Poor Communication, No Marriage

It not always what you say but how you say it thats the problem. Poor communication can make innocent remarks seem challanging or destroy any chance you have of working through your marriage issues. You need to learn how to eliminate conflict, communicate, not argue and say what you truly feel in a way in can be understood. 

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Are you really going to let infidelityruin your life? Check out the signs of infidelity, learn how to catch a cheating spouse and how to survive an affair



Laughter and Fun can Save a Marriage
Can you actually remember the last time you actually had any fun together?

Common Marriage Problem, Neglect
It is so easy to work your life away, forget about your family, your partner and your relationship.

Stress the Cause not a Symptom of Common Marriage Problems
Stressed? Are you sure it’s your marriage that’s stressing you out or is life in generally just getting you down?

 So what is trust? And why does lack of trust cause marriage problems?

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Common Marriage Problems - Boredom
Common Marriage Problems - Loss of Intimacy
Common Marriage Problems - Cheating Men
Common Marriage Problems - Solutions to a Sexless Marriage

Common Marriage Problems - Striking a Balance
Common Marriage Problems - Financial Problems
Common Marriage Problems - Cheating Wives
Common Marriage Problems - Baby Fix









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 Common Marriage Problems:

 Surviving Infidelity
 Financial Problems
 Loss of Intimacy
 Step Children







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