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Divorce, the Wrong Approach

If your marriage is in crisis, your marriage problems are seemingly out of control and you can’t see a way forward don’t scream divorce, divorce is more often than not, the wrong approach.

When tempers are flaring and arguments heated it’s all too easy to assume that the marriage problems are there to stay. Divorce is used as a quick way out but all too often in the hard cold light of day many couples realise their mistake and regret their actions.

Sometimes relationships can be painful and divorce is seen as the better alternative to the arguing, the silence and the marital indifference. But marriage doesn’t have to be like that, marriage problems can be sorted out and divorce isn’t the solution to all your problems.

It’s easy to watch other marriages fall apart and assume that yours will go the same way but what is often apparent is that marriages fall apart and couples divorce purely because of their state of mind not because the marriage couldn’t be saved.

An interesting point to note is that if you just take a look around you, you can often see a common pattern in that if couples are from families where divorce is a regular occurrence they are more likely to rush to the divorce courts at the first sign of marriages problems themselves.

It is quite astonishing to see generation after generation get divorced as if marriage is just expected to come to a natural end after a few years.

If you are struggling with marriage problems and are considering getting a divorce, don’t rush into it, if you really want too and truly believe in your marriage most marital issues can be sorted out.

Humour me, just step back a moment and take a little time to check out other options, think about how your marriage used to be, would you really walk away if you could resurrect the feelings you once had for each other? Don’t look at divorce as the only answer to marriage problems.


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