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Struggling to Survive Infidelity?


Learn how to survive infidelity and Save your Marriage


There is no wonder that marriages struggle to surviveinfidelity given that discovering your spouse has been cheating on you is one of the most heart wrenching experiences a partner has to cope with. Infidelity destroys the marital bond with the trust, security and most likely the love wiped out all in one day.


There are very few experiences in a marriage more painful than infidelity especially for a spouse who had absolutely no idea that there was a problem with their marriage in the first place.


The initial shock of infidelity can send the cheated spouse reeling with no idea what to do or which way to turn and it’s no surprise when someone you thought you knew, loved and trusted can hit you with such a devastating blow.


After the initial shock there can be some comfort drawn from the fact that you aren’t alone with infidelity being an ever increasing and exceptionally common marriage problem.


If you have been cheated on you need to step back for a while and give yourself time to come to terms with the infidelity, to think and adjust to the news you have just learnt.


Don’t expect to know what to do straight away, every situation is different there are no hard and fast rules with infidelity you need time to think and adjust.


What you do next is your decision and yours alone, there is lots of help out there to guide you on your way but don’t make the next move because someone tells you to do it, wait until you can think clearly and then do what feels right for you.


If you decide that you want to try and save your marriage it does sometimes help to talk the situation through with your spouse. It’s obviously painful to talk about infidelity when it’s so close to home but discussing and trying to understand what happened can help with one of the main steps in surviving infidelity, forgiveness.


If you can try and understand, not condone but see the situation as it occurred you can forgive the infidelity and if you can forgive you have a foundation from which you can try and learn to trust again and rebuild your marriage.


Many marriages do survive infidelity, not only survive but end up with a stronger bond and a far more loving relationship than ever before.




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